What Is A Disciple? Pt. 3

Howdy howdy! This blog post is a continuation of this post, and that post is a continuation of this post. We have been talking about one question which has been widely misunderstood, “What is a disciple?” In the last post, we redefined discipleship as, “The process of growing a personal relationship with God through mentorship.” In this post, I want to give you three things that I believe is required for true discipleship.

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I hope your Christmas holiday went well! But we got one more holiday right around the corner, New Year’s Eve! 2018 feels like it went by so fast, and 2019 is about to be here. When I reflect on this past year, I think about the new friends I made, the great memories where I built relationships with students, the families who I have grown to know more, my time with my life group on Sunday evenings. 2018 was challenging, but it was a blessing. I feel like I am ready for 2019, and I want to make the most of next year.

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