What Is A Disciple? Pt. 2

Hope you are doing well! If you are reading this post and missed the last one, this article is a continuation of this post. We are taking some dedicated time to ask a question that has been asked for many years, “What is a disciple?” On one hand, it’s not very complicated. On the other hand, it has been widely misunderstood. While in my last post I talked about what a disciple was from a historical perspective (meaning, what discipleship meant to Jesus and His followers in the past,) I want to focus more in this post on what it is perceived as today and what it can be today.

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Looking At Life Through Heavens Eyes

(Wrote this article for the Abide Daily Blog, wanted to repost it here because I genuinely believe what I wrote should continue to be shared. Original article can be found here.)

In 1998, Dreamworks produced and released the movie, Prince of Egypt. This movie was inspired by the liberating story of God working through Moses to rescue the Hebrews from the enslavement of Egypt, historically recorded in the book of Exodus. On its opening weekend, it made over $14,000,000—worldwide, it has made more than $218,000,000 since then.

My favorite song in this movie is the song titled, “Through Heaven’s Eyes.”

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