The Parable of Two Scribes

There once was a good King who ruled over a powerful nation. Whenever the King wanted to say something to every person in the nation, He would go and find citizens to become His scribes. These scribes would sit with the King and write down all of his words very carefully. They wanted to make sure the people would hear and feel the King’s words the same way they heard and felt them.

After the King was finished speaking, He would place His seal on the scribes. This mark would show the nation and other citizens that the words of the King were authentic, truly from the King. Then the scribes would go out and read the words of the King to every person they knew.

One day, the King had a word he wanted to tell the people. So the people waited for the scribes to arrive so they could hear the words of the King. Two scribes arrived, but they said very different messages. One scribe spoke words that inspired evil, cruelty, made the people believe they were hated by the King. The other scribe spoke words that inspired selflessness, goodwill, hope, joy, and communicated that the King loved His people.

Some people listened to the scribe whose words were evil, and they became angry. They spread this message and did not like the King anymore. But some listened to the scribe whose words were good. When the citizens came together, they argued about which words were actually from the King. Some believed the King was evil, others believed the King was good.

Then one citizen announced to the people, “Look!” said the citizen. “Which scribe wears the King’s seal? This is how we will know which words are true!” When they called the scribes forward, the one who spoke good words had a seal pressed on to him. But the one who spoke evil words did not. The citizens rejoiced, “Now we know that the Kings words are good because His messengers wear the Kings seal!”

“…When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit…”

Ephesians 1:13 (NIV)

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