A B O U T    C A L E B

Convicted by the division in the church, Caleb S. Davis was moved by the Holy Spirit through a vision to lead a ministry who challenges not just this disunity, but also the brokenness in this world and in our lives through one common denominator, love. Having experienced a radical change in his lifestyle after asking a single question, Caleb is ambitious on sharing this lifestyle with others by challenging them, through speaking and writing, to ask the same question: “What does it mean to Simply Love Jesus?”

Ordained at 23 years old at Crossroads Church on Dec. 31st, 2017, Caleb, as an evangelist, is a firm believer in bringing everything back to the love of God, rooted in the gospel of Jesus. For non-religious events, He chooses to use his gifts by practicing as a motivational speaker, desiring to not just build relationships with those who share his beliefs, but also those who do not.

Caleb engages young adults and leaders through dynamic communication and abstract philosophical thought. He has expanded his knowledge of God and ministry methods with a combination of informal education by personal study, formal education through Moody Bible Institute, and hands-on experience acquired by several years of collective ministry. He has been a guest speaker for churches, schools, young adult retreats, camps, and more.

Caleb currently lives in Waukee, Iowa where he works as the Student Ministry Director for Westwind Church. He is unmarried, has a twin brother, and is the proud son of his Puerto Rican mother, Marcia Buxo Davis, founder of Never Lose Hope Designs, and Ken Davis, a United States Navy Veteran, small business owner, actor and former cast member at Disney World.